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Canada has always been the favoured destination for immigrants from all over the world. Better career opportunities, social securities, better educational systems, world-class medical systems, and prosperous life with a stable future attracts people to immigrate to Canada. Canada is a young country and is often called the “paradise for immigrants”. It has one of the most positive and valuable immigration policies throughout the world. It admits over 200,000 immigrants every year. Here are the reasons why you should choose to immigrate to Canada.

How to Immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is possible in the following ways:

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program – The Federal Trained Proficient Migrant Program.
PNP – Provincial Nominee Program – For Provincial Sponsorships.

The Federal Skilled Migration is the popular pathway from India to immigrate to Canada. It offers the freedom to travel and work anywhere in Canada. This is undergoing a transformation now to make the program more efficient towards the Canadian economy. It’s going to encourage the younger people to participate in the labor pool of Canada for a longer period.

Language proficiency is kept on priority in the new system because it’s the most important factor for the immigrants and their families to adapt to Canadian society.

Another pathway to Canadian immigration is through provincial sponsorship. Different province runs different sponsorship programs in coordination with CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The critical aspects needed for any program no matter its Federal or PNP are:

  1. Language Skills
  2. Work Exposure
  3. Financial eligibilities
  4. Adaptability factors
  5. Contribution capacity as per economic aspects.

A job offer in hand can be an additional advantage.



Canadians and permanent residents do not have to worry about huge medical bills.

Workers in Canada enjoy shorter hours. An article suggested that full time U.S. workers end up working an average of 47 hours a week, whereas in Canada, the standard number of weekly work hours is 40 hours a week.

In Canada, workers enjoy paid statutory holidays, such as Canada Day. In the U.S., however, employers are not required to pay employees for time not worked.

The U.S. provides just 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave for new parents. Canadian mothers can enjoy 35 to 61 weeks off, and can also receive payment through Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI).

According to a recent global survey, Canada is the world’s most accepting country for migrants.

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