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We assist aspiring students who wish to study abroad to achieve their higher educational goals in a country of their choice, thereby exposing the student to global and cross-cultural opportunities in a highly competitive scenario. We offer them multiple choices in a Global scenario across multiple cultural backgrounds to achieve higher academic objectives
We work along with the student aspirants to explore the best possible options that match their academic background and future goals in environments most suitable to them. The salient points for consideration for any student before selecting an academic institution abroad are – professional career goals, quality of education available in an institute, facilities offered by the institution/government to foreign students during the course of education and post-course incentives, the finances involved, cultural and social environment and personal preferences of the student.


Canada prides itself on top universities and research institutions, recognized all around the world. This is because the educational system here is based on cross-disciplinary studies, combined with teaching transferable skills and great facilities.

Tuition fees start at around 400 CAD/year for program in Social Sciences, Art, or Education. Quite a few program range between 1,000 and 4,000 CAD/year, but the vast majority of them cost over 10,000 CAD/ year.

International students can work 20 hours/week during school semesters and up to 30 hours/week during school breaks. What’s more, if you work in the campus area, you will not need a work permit. Such a permit is required for fulltime employment outside campuses.

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